Friday, March 1, 2013

Another Cover Love Affair

Those of you who were around my blog last week saw my first cover love affair post. As a cover artist I am asked fairly often about covers; why I do what I do, how I got into this and all that jazz. Here are a few more covers I am currently having cover love affairs with and have made their way onto my list of favorites!

What are some covers you are currently having a cover love affair with?

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  1. Love these covers. Even thought the boy over girl look has been done many times the sparkles add a nice effect.

  2. Yeah, I love the original Across the Universe covers. Sadly they were redesigned the other year but they were so new and fresh when they first came out. It was back when the boy over girl look hadn't been done much but the girl in a dress and face close ups were still in crazy high volume. Thanks for commenting LM! By the way, I will be heading to BEA this year, would love to meet up! <3

  3. I love all of those! Gorgeous! I'm not a big fan of the new covers for Across the Universe because I think the original ones were so eye-catching. I really like the covers for Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Days of Blood and Starlight because I think they are very eye-catching, with the black and white image and a splash of one color.

  4. Hey Shana! Ohhh I was just looking at the Days of Blood & Starlight cover and have to agree, I love how the three colors come together to make such stark contrasts to each other. Plus, I LOVE the font work. It gives it an edgy but emotional feel. Heck, this one might make on of my future cover love affairs now! :p

  5. I like Towering's cover, but when I see the title "Shadow Lands" I just see an image much different from the cover of that book.

  6. Hey Nicki <3
    Yeah, I love everything about the Tower cover. Whoever did that is a genius!
    Shadows Lands is actually a YA thriller involving a girl who escaped a serial killer and is out to help catch him so I kind of like the unusual feel of the cover and the ravens circling her. I had the same reaction at first though, I was kind of confused and wondering about the content until I saw the book trailer for it: After seeing that somehow it started to feel like it fit rather well but maybe I am just a sucker for ravens :p