Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wither Recommendation


I have been wondering about Wither for a while now. I am a fan of DeStefano thanks to her Youtube and other social networking but was hesitant because of the content. Now let me warn ahead of time, I know from e-mails that a number of you are adults looking to see if content is safe for your teen. If you are, I would highly suggest you read this before giving it to any teen.

Now if you don’t mind the hard subjects, the complex relationships a person needs to be mature enough to understand (many teens are but it would lead me to suggest 15+ just for in case because even I was thrown for a loop at times) or the semi-adult content, this novel is written so beautifully and with such a strange and complex mix of emotions that you find yourself eagerly clinging to the pages. I am a fast reader but normally it takes be about 6 hours to read a novel this long and that is if I enjoy the writing style. I kid you not, I read it in three hours I was so hooked.

There is a grit to DeStefano’s writing style, a haunting radiance that leaves you mesmerized. I won’t lie, normally this kind of content would have had me putting down the book only a few chapters in but somehow her writing had me ensnared and I couldn’t bring myself not to finish such a powerful novel about the broken world we could one day live in with such unbearable flaws but also hidden beauty in everything. This book has left me very curious about the future Chemical Garden novels and any other series DeStefano may write.

Overall, extraordinarily well written, very poetic and gritty content that digs it’s nails into you and doesn’t let go.


And for those of you who are already fans of Wither I found this awesome floor plan online. Kind of wonderful to get to see the layout so clearly! 




  1. As a middle school teacher I definitely agree with this post. I would never recommend it to a middle school student just because of what actually is happening in the book. A bit more mature readers are what I recommend, and I'm a HUGE fan of the book. Good post. And I love the floor plan, thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you Lisa! <3
    That floor plan is wonderful isn't it? I was just staring at it for a while when I found it and remembering the scenes and how they would have played out. <3

  3. I love the floor plan. Sometimes when I read books with complicated spaces or many characters I make my own cheat sheet. This is so much better though!

  4. I know right? It makes me want to try drawing up floor plans for my favorite novels just for the fun of it, talk about a great extra from Simon & Schuster. Hmmm... Maybe I should do that for Owlet. :p

  5. Excellent recommendation!

    I do like the floorplan concept...