Tuesday, September 25, 2012

L M Preston Tour hostess Nadege Richards

Have you heard the latest L M Preston buzz? Well I have!  
There will be a twitter party on (Friday) September 28th at 7pm-9pm EST just use the hashtag #ThePackRetributionParty
A facebook part on (Saturday) September 29th from 11am-10pm EST here:

Time to meet another one of the amazing hosts for the upcoming L M Preston release party
Nadege Richards!

I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, I was going to die tonight. There was no escaping it or any way around it. I couldn’t run from my destiny this time; I couldn’t hide. No, tonight I faced my fate in the chambers of death. The screams of the crowd in the arena filled my ears, the shouts of excitement and laughter boiling my heart down to nothing but untainted sorrow. I refused to open my eyes, but I could sense where I was by that rusty smell of metal and dried blood Father brought home with him every day. The shackles that bound my ankles and wrists to the wall confirmed it. I was a prisoner in my own home, my own Haven. I couldn’t fathom how in forty-eight hours my life had taken a complete three-sixty spin, but here I was, locked in the dungeon of my father’s kingdom, hidden from the world until it was my time to surface.

Author Nadege Richards

Born in New York and raised in Pennsylvania, Nadège has traveled to five other states and two countries, but aspires to travel the world some day. Her name is of French origin, though she's never been to France (she's actually West Indian-American!). Forever a lover of art and all things pertaining to Literature, she hopes to obtain knowledge from her writing career, rather than popularity or fame. She wrote her first novel about aliens and goats in the 8th grade and has had a passion for story-telling ever since. Her friends and family are her biggest inspiration, and the occasional cup of coffee. She enjoys being part of the Indie community and sharing her stories with the world.

When not reading, writing, and blogging obsessively, she's usually found hiking, studying, camping, or at home with her family. She's been a martial artist for two years, a singer for three, and always seeks a common ground in everything. She considers her writing very personal, as she's always been a private person. She enjoys writing about what could or should happen, rather than what did happen--she's a dreamer and a procrastinator.

Her debut novel, Burning Bridges, is her first completed novel. It isn't her first try in the writing world, but it's a tale about two lovers she hopes will change the way people view one another. She loves getting email so feel free to stalk her and ask questions!

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