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L M Preston Tour Hostess Christina Leigh Pritchard

Have you heard the latest L M Preston buzz? Well I have!  
There will be a twitter party on (Friday) September 28th at 7pm-9pm EST just use the hashtag #ThePackRetributionParty
A facebook part on (Saturday) September 29th from 11am-10pm EST here:

One of the amazing hostess - Christina Leigh Pritchard, author of the C I N Series, answers the question 
“What are the TOP TEN most horrifying moments you experienced working in the service industry?”
First off, hello everyone and thank you, Emma, for having me on your blog today! I also want to give a special shout out to L.M. Preston, author of The Pact: Retribution (available September 28th!) for putting this mini blog tour together. It’s been wonderful learning about new books and authors!

“Top Ten”

As a server, you meet some interesting people! I’m currently writing eBooks on what it’s like to deal with the public. Here’s my top ten ‘most horrific moments working in the service industry’:

1. The “it’s cold so I’m not tipping” client. Yes, sometimes it’s freezing in a restaurant, but guess what? As your server, I don’t control the temperature. ;o(

2. The “I’d like a glass of water and bread, please” client. Would you believe there are people who come to a restaurant, order water, expect free bread, then, just never order anything from the menu, and never pull out their pocket book to offer up a tip to the waiter? The customer’s bill (or anti-customer) $0.00, time at table? 3 hours, tip $0.00. In 3 hours I could’ve made $20.00-100.00 on that table alone (with 2-3 turns of paying customers). Please don’t come back, please… Go to a place where there aren’t servers relying on tips to pay their bills. Nobody wants to work for free.

3. “The Pasta is Raw” Client. I have a client who orders the most expensive meal on the menu, eats the bread, the salad and all of the seafood (lobster, mussels, clams, shrimp, scallops and fish) which comes on top of his pasta. Then, he waves me over, shows me his plate of ‘pasta’ as that’s all that’s left, and demands a $36.95 refund because his pasta is raw. Raw?! Really? LOL.

4. “Let me try all your wines” Client. And, then, after I’ve tried 5-6 types (when your limit is 3) I’ll decide to drink water, thank you.

5. Coupon tippers. “The bill was 12$ (actually $24.00 but you have a coupon) so I’ll leave $1.00 even though I ran you ragged and you’re sweating because of me.” Tip off the original bill. Would you like to get paid less because your employer decided to run a promotional offer to customers? Be nice, people. You’re already getting a deal, why make the servers unhappy to see you? You do know we talk about you, right?

6. “I made a reservation” Client. “I called and left you a voicemail, why didn’t you reserve my table?” Says the liar. Sorry, we don’t have an answering machine. Please don’t lie, we’ll give you a table—we want your business but now that you’ve lied, no one wants to serve you.

7. “Can you cook my fish?” People actually want you to cook their food and expect you to do this for free—and tip you 0.00. Stay home, please.

8. “I am a regular” client. There’s always the one who thinks because he comes in twice a year that we’re going to remember him. Yes, if you tip 20% or more, you’re going to be treated like a superstar but the moment you stiff us —consider yourself forgotten.

9. Customer Brawls. Sometimes the clients go at it, causing a scene. Please don’t fight around the families who came out for a quiet, peaceful, evening.

10. The Homeless attack. We try to be helpful, but when you come in to use our bathroom, don’t spit in the cheese or tell us your name is Michael Douglas!

To learn more about the C I N Series and future books visit the blog dedicated to the series or check out the debut novel C I N on Amazon.

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  1. The life and times of a server, Christina...

    Not the sort of work I'd have the patience to do.

  2. William, I think I'm happy writing about it though (instead of experiencing it) LOL!