Friday, June 8, 2012

Owlet! New Series Announcement!

Now that the cover art reveal for Owlet has gone live:
Please stop by and comment letting me know what you think!

Here is one of the announcements! Tribute Books has accept the first book in my new series, 'Society of Feathers'. You can find out more as I hop around the web and post the links in my Owlet tab above ^
and if you aren't going to stop by the link above I still want you to see my cover sooo...
(If you like it go comment on the reveal please <3)
Release Date: October 13, 2012
More will be revealed soon including the blurb, the story behind the novel, why I made my main character asthmatic and more! So exciting!!!  Plus, I am currently brain storming for some events as we get closer to the release. Lets just say it may include owls, chocolate, miniature books or other surprises. I have a feeling October will be a very busy month! :-p