Monday, May 28, 2012

Insight by Jamie Magee

I just noticed that one of my favorite books is free on kindle currently! The novel is Insight by Jamie Magee, one of my fellow authors over at The Writers Voice. 
Its a fantastic read and why I ended up inviting her to be a part of the team. Book two and three are now out along with the first in a new series! I have added the link below! I would suggest anyone and everyone read it. Normally I know I mention a target audience but this book doesn't need one. It has everything.

My review:
I love this book. There are many books that entertain me but not nearly as many that keep me glued to the pages the way this one did. Its plot and concept is unique and intriguing making it a pleasant break from all of the more recent YA trends. Add to it that Jamie has great pacing, character development and that for once it isn't a story where pieces start magically lining up, the main characters actually have to work for what they want and don't always have solutions handed to them. She blends the lines between the dark and the light until everything is the same odd shade of gray things are in the real world, or even more so, giving the reader a chance to have their own perspective untainted by the perspectives of the characters in the novel. It is a refreshing read and remains one of my favorites!

Emma Michaels