Friday, June 22, 2012

Cover Art Extravaganza - Night Sky by Jolene Perry

Night Sky
by Jolene Perry 
The Story Behind the Cover

Night Sky was a very special project that took a lot of team work with an artist I love Who is now an honorary Bokheim Media team member. You should definitely check out his work, it is extraordinary! When I was helping out a friend, Jamie Magee, and we were hunting the net for a new art piece for her rerelease of Insight we stumbled upon Marek, referred to from this point on as the artistic genius of Awesomeland. Okay, just kidding, but I really love his work and working with him, so I asked if he would be interested in doing some Bokheim Media work with me and thankfully he said yes.

Tribute Books sent me a copy of Night Sky to read and I drew up a concept and found most of the stock used (Marek found this brilliant night sky he used as overlay that I just LOVE!) I knew that no matter what I threw Marek's way he could do it. He brought the image together and we went back and forth with it for a few days before finally I was able to add the text and effects. A big thank you to Marek for always being able to accomplish anything I throw his way! I am looking forward to hopefully having more projects with him soon!

The final cover result:

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Emma Michaels


  1. I love your cover for Night Sky! I can't wait to see your others.

  2. Emma, I think many readers are fans of your collaboration with Marek on the Night Sky cover :)