Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cover Art Extravaganza - The Color of Snow

The Color of Snow
By Brenda Stanley

The Story Behind the Cover

I love the way this book had a haunting quality to it, like a melodic song that gets stuck in your head and you just can't shake the feeling of it because you can't stand to stop listening. I ended up deciding to use a lot of imagery for the cover after reading the copy Tribute Books gave me.

I was fascinated with the way that mirrors, imagery involving snow and Sophie's features played a part in the overall story. I then kept imagining glass, frost and jagged edges like the emotions featured; raw. The first thing I knew I wanted was the font and the effects on the font. I knew I wanted the words to be written across condensation in frosted glass, then the image came together from there and this was the result:

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Emma Michaels


  1. Emma, I really like how you conveyed the cage-like quality of Sophie's environment when she was living with her father. I love how you were able to visually demonstrate so many of the book's themes in the cover.