Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hello everybody,

Just sent out the e-mail so for those of you reading this you either got the e-mail or know me from elsewhere. So either way ello! I realize that 'By the Verse' is filled with the stuff I scribble in between my more serious works and that might make some of you grumble at me after this but I am currently not able to show anything that is being submitted professionally. I will be continuing both 'By the Candle' and 'The Pheonix Series' in the same matter in terms of being formatted as a novel and structures in the same way. Figure I need something to start building a fan base and to let my writing advance and get in some good practice. Love you all!


Please note I will only be refered to as Emma on this website to ensure that my identity stays clasified. Please refer to me as such even if you know my real name. Any comments made using my real name will be deleted. I apologize for the incontinence but it is a personal preference I will be sticking to.

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