Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Contest Entry!

Wohoo for a new contest! Just found out about it and not a moment too late! It ends tonight! Here is the link for it:


Here is my cover art entry! I am so hopeful to win. I would love the prizes! Here you go:


I would have done some more editing on it but as I said. Just found out! Anyways hope you like it and if you haven't yet then follow my new blog called 'By the Verse' you will love it! Sorry it is small, my larger one would not fit but if you want to see the larger just message me or comment and I will send it along!


  1. Nice cover! Have you read the book? I've heard great things about it.

  2. Ohh, pretty! And I thought it was going to be horrible, lol. You definitely have a chance of winning. ;)

  3. Nope haven't gotten to read it yet. I am hoping to though. I was hoping that would be my chance for at least the constellation prizes but oh well. Today when I go out I will be trying to pick it up. Thank you so much for commenting!