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Uninvited Tour and Interview!

Uninvited by Leah Spiegel and Meg Summers
Series: South Hills Sidekicks #1
Publication date: February 11th 2012
Genre: Humorous YA Chick-Lit
When Alley started her senior year at Upper East High in the South Hills area, it was supposed to be the usual drag of hanging out with people who spent more on one outfit than Alley did on her entire wardrobe. That was until Kirsten, a girl in their clique, suddenly goes missing and the only people who seem to care are her friends. All evidence leads to the new comer Shane, a cocky and self-pretentious person in Alley’s opinion, but the police seem uninterested so she and the rest of the girls start a little investigation of their own. But they are nowhere closer to finding Kirsten than when they started and now they had the police’s attention; just not in the way they expected. The girls have to start over and discover that maybe it wasn’t an outsider who took Kirsten, but someone within their own clique who has something to hide; a secret that just might have gotten Kirsten killed.
1.) Is there one book that has had an impact on not only your writing, but on you personally?

Leah: I’m going to say Twilight since it inspired me to write my first full length novel.

Megan: The Babysitters Clubs’ books since they were the first books I read as a kid and made me want to read more.

2.) What is the hardest emotion for you to convey?

Leah: I like sexual tension but not graphic erotica.

Megan: Romance that is un-implied.

3.) What’s your favorite way to procrastinate?

Leah: I’m not sure I even know how to!!!

Megan: I do not like to procrastinate, it just happens.

4.) When you were growing up, what did you want to be?

Leah: The first female baseball player.

Megan: Judge Wapner! Then I wanted to be Matlock or Jessica Fetcher. Now I want to be a secretary but my student loans won’t allow me.

5.) Who do you feel is your most unique character?

Leah: Auggie from Mission One of Auggie the Alien. He’s so likeable and loveable at the same time. He’s the most unique character because he doesn’t understand human slang and takes everything he hears so literally, it’s hysterical.

Megan: In this book, Val. She is beautiful but that isn’t why she is the most popular girl in school. She is the most popular girl because she is confident and although she turned into her own character, she stemmed from a teacher I work with and I love her ‘I don’t need anyone’s help’ attitude.

6.) If you could have any extraordinary gift or super power what would it be and why?

Leah: The gift of site, but I have always said I’d love to be an Auror in Harry Potter; kicking death eaters’ butts all over the place.

Megan: I have always wanted to be like Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Especially when she is standing in front of the mirror changing her outfits with the snap of her fingers.

7.) Are the traits of anyone close to you apparent in your characters?

We are constantly inspired by friends and teachers we work with like Val was based off one of Meg’s friends at work but like any character it’s just a jumping base for creativity. Lizzie from our Foolish Games Series was inspired by another girl who shall remain nameless foeverrrrr!!!

8.) What would you like for readers to take away from your novel/novels?

Leah: A reason to laugh or feel good. To feel connected to the characters that you root for them! I know when I wrote Riley in our other series it made people feel different about something that would normally be controversial.

Megan: Feeling good, thinking about the characters, laughing and wanting to read the next one.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Although we moved down to North Carolina several years ago, we’re originally from the Pittsburgh area. (That’s why a lot of our characters either live in the Burgh or reference our hometown football team, The Pittsburgh Steelers.) And yes, we even have the Southern accents to show for it now. Although Megan’s is considerable thicker, Leah still can’t understand the locals.
We are known as ‘the sisters’ among our neighborhood; when actually we’re probably really known as ‘the sisters with the Yorkies’. Our pups, Skippy Jon Jones and Captain Jack Sparrow, were given long names to compensate for their small size but not their large personalities.

If Leah’s not glued to her electronic devices, AKA her Kindle Fire and various laptops, you can find her training ‘the attack dogs’, running on the treadmill while conceiving the next great book idea with the Dave Matthews Band, Muse, Florence and the Machine, The Lumineers, and Pink (just to name a few) blaring out of her earphones.

If Megan’s not glued to her electronic devices AKA her iPad and Nook Color, you can find her teaching fourth graders, swimming marathon style at the pool, or cuddling with ‘the attack dogs’ as she watches Duck Dynasty, Gold Rush, Scandal, Person of Interest, Morning Joe, etc.
Leah graduated from Edinboro University with a BA in Art Education. Megan received her teaching degree from Edinboro University and Masters in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Technology from Grand Canyon University.  
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