Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cloud Atlas Movie Review

Cloud Atlas (Movie) – Okay, I just have to write about this movie. No it is not young adult friendly in my opinion though I have read some young adult books with even higher parental advisory content, there is a different between seeing it and reading it. That being said as a disclaimer to those of you I talk to most often (who follow for YA recommendations), here are my thoughts on Cloud Atlas:

As soon as the movie ended my fiancé asked me what I thought and my reaction was, “It was beautiful and terrible and amazing and horrible and so good… just so good.” I have strong reactions to movies every once in a while but not very often. (My list: Shinobi; Heart Under Blade, Howl’s Moving Castle, Beautiful Creatures, The Thief Lord, Jane Eyre (one of the older more theatrical versions), The Dark Crystal and The Long Kiss Goodnight) When I do, there is something that connects me to them the same way I connect to so many books. Something that makes me feel something new.

Cloud Atlas connects to one of my very favorite theories from a man I have looked up to greatly my entire life, Leonardo Da Vinci, who said that all things are connected and as a child I took this to heart and loved to observe it happening. This movie takes it to a new level, it shows you so many facets of life that you are left star struck by existence. You come away from it feeling blessed, cursed and important. Like you don’t know your own true value and you know you never will because in a world where you are so very very small you are still a ripple in a pond and you never know what that ripple effect might cause.

This movie really got me. I loved it. I know the reviews for this one are almost all either 5/5 stars or 1/5 but for me, it is a serious 5 star. It spanned centuries and had historical, modern, futuristic and dystopian elements that all weaved a beautiful tapestry of life. Beautiful. Simply beautiful in the most startling of ways, it doesn’t show you the external beauty, if shows you the inner beauty at the core of everything and everyone. Unforgettable.

Edit: After watching it again –
EVEN better the second time!


  1. I read the book a few months ago but missed the film when it was at cinemas - think it's out on DVD in the UK tomorrow, so I'll have to rent it and see how it translates to film. Really good and positive review here. There are about 6 stories entwined in this book/film: did you have a favourite character or setting?

  2. I'll have to look for the DVD to see what I'll think of it. I did miss it in theatres.