Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Book Recommendation: Insurgent

Just a few days ago I recommended/reviewed Divergent and started out by saying that I knew basically everyone in the blogosphere had read it.
Now, while everyone has read Divergent not as many went on with the series. A few of the people I asked said they were worried it wouldn’t live up to the first novel, others simply haven’t gotten around to it and some have such amazingly large to-read piles for review that they aren’t reading as many novels for fun anymore.
As someone who basically doesn’t review books for anything but fun I, luckily, did not have that problem.
The second I saw this:

and it came out on e-book I was ready to download it onto my e-reader app.
So now, in my opinion Insurgent did not suffer from the curse of second book slumps but I know not everyone will agree with me. The only complaint I have heard was that Tris was less likable which I do agree with but there was a point to it and a reasoning behind it that personally, resonated with me. Not every change a person makes is for the better but every change is a learning experience you can use to become better than you are or let destroy a piece of you.
The action was just as intense and the plot actually ended up being even more fast paced in terms of more happened in the span of one book. We saw more of the world that Veronica Roth has created and what happens to the people in it. We got to see behind the scenes looks at factions that we didn’t truly understand in the first novel and overall the story was expanded on in an amazing way.
I personally loved it.
The things I look for most in second novels are plot progression, character progression and that the quality of writing improves. Insurgent delivers all of this and an amazing thrilled ride that keeps you glued to the pages and waiting breathlessly to see what will happen next.
So for all you lovely people out there who loved Divergent and haven’t gotten around to reading Insurgent yet I suggest you shuffle your to-read list so this is at the top.
It’s worth it.
Guess what is coming out soon? I just found this on Amazon and Goodreads!
P.S.- What upcoming releases are you most looking forward to? Have you ever loved a first book and worried the second might not live up to it?

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  1. I really am going to have to read these books. I've heard quite a bit about them...