Sunday, March 3, 2013

Book Recommendation: Divergent



So, yeah, I realize basically the entire world has read Divergent already.

But seriously, if you haven’t…

Do it. Do it NOW!

Divergent is an imaginative dystopian filled with with riveting action and emotions that highlight that no one can truly fit into any box society might try to fit you into. I love the overall concept but I think what really brought it all together was the execution. The writing is hard hitting and emotional and drives each of the points she makes home, sweeping you away on the adventure with the characters you come to love and try to understand.

The characters are not flawless, they are complex and go through their own struggles that make them real enough that you find yourself more attached to them than you normally find yourself in the average YA novel. The action is also so intense and emotional that it is almost like you bond with the characters as they progress as people and change. You aren’t just watching a story unfold, you are watching Beatrice/Tris discover who she really is. 

I love that each of the factions have their own extremes and personally would probably have ended up in Amity or as a divergent.

So there you have it. Go read it. Now.



What faction are you?

Divergent 2


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  1. I haven't read it. I've heard of it, but haven't read it. Is there a Team Crows In The Sky?