Sunday, February 24, 2013

Beautiful Creatures Movie Review


I am thrilled to say that the other day I got to see the Beautiful Creatures movie.

Now, I am a big fan of the books and have been since Kami and Margaret’s debut so all those thoughts you are thinking;

‘Will is live up to the novels?’,

‘What???? Amma and Marian are one person?’

‘WAIT a second… Ridley is blonde… and punk sexy not some brunette!’

Yeah, those thoughts. I had them too. Until I sat through the movie and as the credits rolled and Kami and Margaret’s names popped up and I nearly burst into tears I was so happy for them. Now I can’t promise that all of the book fans will like the movie but personally I was swept off my feet. The thing that caught me the most off guard was just how close they got to the novel even down to some of my favorite dialogue!


The overall heart of the story was there. Yes, you will see differences. After all, this is a two hour movie versus a 563 page book. The only difference that got to me was a hair color but even that at least I got for one scene as shown below (though yes, for those of us who had a serious adoration for both Amma and Marian it is a serious adjustment but one that they managed to tie and have made sense in a new way)


For all of my book purists out there, no not all of your favorite scenes will be included but personally the majority of mine were. Titanic, raining on Ethan, the big kiss, what it means to be human, the locket and so much more.

Beautiful Creatures

Now, on to the cast. I actually adored both Alice and Alden.

But who really stood out to me as COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY PERFECTLY CAST wasJeremy Irons Beautiful Creatures

That’s right, Macon.

The man we have all come to know and love was played by Jeremy Irons and let me just say it is a perfect match.


Overall, an amazing adaptation that I am gladly going to purchase on DVD when it comes out. Some movies take away from your love of a story and others capture it, I found this novel embracing Lena and Ethan’s unique romance and giving the audience a view into the poetic beauty of the series from the point of view of our favorite down to earth bookworm, Ethan.


As movies go this one was a 5/5 star for me. While I will always prefer a book over a movie this is a movie I am looking forward to watching again and again as I reread these amazing novels again and again and revisit Ethan and Lena’s wonderful story whenever I find myself missing them.

What did you think?

Have you seen the Beautiful Creatures film yet?



  1. I still need to see this! I've heard it's different, but the cast was wonderful.

    No one will go with I guess I'll go by myself at this point :) Thanks for the review.

  2. My fiance keeps hinting that he wants to see this movie...which is surprising. I didn't particularly like the book but I'm really curious about the movie!

    Thanks for your review! <3

  3. Hey Jessica :)
    I would definitely suggest it and given the chance would go again (alone or with a friend). It is worth it for getting to see the key scenes come alive alone, especially with the wonderful chemistry between the actors. I think that was the part that caught me off-guard the most, that the chemistry matched the book.

  4. Hey Amber!
    I would say go for it! Who knows, you may enjoy the movie even more than the book!

  5. I'll watch the movie and avoid the book - am soooo over angsty teen reads currently ;p

  6. Excellent review! I didn't know there was a book.

    Jeremy Irons is one of those actors who's often the most interesting one in the movie.