Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Owlet blog tour stop #83 read-along excerpt

Following is the continuing read-along excerpt for stop #83 on the Owlet blog tour. Enjoy!


Iris watched as her younger self crawled out from underneath the gazebo and walked up its stairs, coming to stand beside her mother and look out at the trees with her. Iris’ white blonde hair was a stark contrast to her mother’s. “You have to understand his side of what happened, dear. Can’t you forgive him?”

“No,” the younger Iris answered stubbornly. And as her older counterpart watched, she noticed that the Iris she was watching was even shorter than the first, so much younger. “Well, maybe. I don’t know. I just don’t understand.”

“Then learn to understand, my dear. Learn his side and see if you can put yourself in his position.”

“What is his side?”

“You have to ask him that.”

“I am scared. Can’t you help me understand first?”

“I can help you but then you have to ask him. Okay? Let him know you are willing to forgive him because if you don’t tell him then he will never know. It is like my love for you. I always tell you that I love you because I want you to know, and if I never told you then how would you?”

“I guess I wouldn’t. I will tell him I MIGHT forgive him.”

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  1. Ha, the stubborn child. Been there, done that. Its so hard because when your young those first betrayals are hard to believe, hard to forgive and hard to trust again. I can't count how many people I know and have heard throw the "Well, you lied about a lot of things, like SANTA." at their parents during fights about lying.