Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Owlet blog tour stop #77 read-along excerpt

Following is the continuing read-along excerpt for stop #77 on the Owlet blog tour. Enjoy!


He looked Diana in the eyes hoping his gaze would communicate everything it needed to. As he set Iris down and started to try and get the water from her lungs, it only took a few attempts before she started coughing the water out, but she still wasn’t conscious and her color was quickly becoming blue.

Once the water was out of her lungs, Diana gasped, “Is she your...?” Stopping her thought when she stared into the eyes of love, she nodded at him. “We will deal with that later. For now I will just have to trust you. After all, you just split your soul for her and I won’t be able to save both of you unless I have your help.”

Falcon just nodded as he kept walking.

“I will stay with you both for now. If you drop her, I will try to carry her or run for Joseph. But once we are at the house you know what will have to happen. I will run to Joseph for help. Roger needs to get here now whether Caleb is there or not, and Joseph will have to make the arrangements.”

Falcon looked up at her with worry. He wanted to ask why Caleb was there. He wanted to know if Caleb knew that Iris was alive, or if he was once again seeking his revenge on Roger. But his world was slowly starting to spin. He needed to concentrate on Iris and mending the tears in his broken soul.

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  1. This book looks great! I love the cover and excerpt. Thank for the chance to win!
    -Brooke Banks