Friday, October 26, 2012

Owlet blog tour stop #36 read-along excerpt

Following is the continuing read-along excerpt for stop #36 on the Owlet blog tour. Enjoy!


Jerking her head up and staring out the window, Iris saw that the boy had disappeared into the trees, but she was sure Diana would have heard her call. Standing there, searching for the stranger and completely lost in thought, Iris finally turned around to look at the quiet room.

Her heart skipped a few beats. The room had books piled almost to the ceiling; some of the stacks were bent at a precarious angle away from the wall. All of the books missing from all of the shelves in the house were crammed into the corners and scattered in piles across the floor.

Words were written in a beautiful script across one of the two walls that were still visible. “She watched her tribe Sister, another Stryx, sink into the depths of the river Styx and only her faith helped her move towards the water’s edge. Without a thought for her own well-being Iris reached for the water. She knew what would happen, but love was more important.”

Iris felt chills as she read the words and, without thinking, turned her back on the text, only to realize there was another quote on the wall behind her. “Leaders are not born; they are made in the difficult moments when others turn their backs. Love is what makes a true leader, not command.”

Stepping forward, she looked at the titles along the spines until she heard a door slam downstairs. “Iris?” She heard Diana call out, “Can I come in now? Where are you?”

No point in stopping her now that he has been scared off.

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  1. This book looks great! I love the cover and excerpt. Thank for the chance to win!
    -Brooke Banks