Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Owlet blog tour stop #24 read-along excerpt

Following is the continuing read-along excerpt for stop #24 on the Owlet blog tour. Enjoy!


After the plane landed Iris fell asleep in the car. Already the day had felt like an emotional roller coaster and it was just starting. When she woke up as the car traveled over a poorly leveled dirt road, the air smelled like food.

“We are almost there. I grabbed some of your favorites on the way, so we have enough Chinese to last us a few rounds of leftovers. I know Roger had them bring groceries out here but who knows what he asked for. You must have had one rough night after that asthma attack,” Diana said.

She seemed like she was back to her old self for most of the plane ride but Iris was still uneasy about forcing Diana to face her fear...and even more uneasy about having slept through the car drive without a single dream. She had never seen Diana afraid of anything before, other than Iris’ asthma attacks. She was normally either jubilant or serious, but never frightened.

“You sure you don’t want to just stay at a hotel in town? It might be easier and I can’t remember ever getting to stay in one before,” Iris offered, but Diana seemed to zero in on the road in front of her.

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