Saturday, August 18, 2012

My (Blogger) Community Photo!

Pre-Book Blogger Con party!

I went to New York in 2011 for Book Expo America and the Book Blogger Convention and it was probably one of the top five experiences of my life. I am such a recluse most of the time that upon touching down in New York it took me about ten minute to lose my voice because I normally am a very quiet person with maybe five people I speak to on a regular basis and suddenly I was surrounded by people from friends to family who all wanted to catch up.

Most of the trip I probably sounded like a frog thanks to my asthma mixing with losing my voice but I LOVED it because I finally had a chance to meet so many people I had interacted with online and was thrilled that my best friend, turned out to be even cooler than I had ever imagined, and all of the book bloggers I met, really were the representatives of community that they had always felt like to me. It was like a family reunion filled with people who had never met in person before but all knew each other and unlike reunions with my own family they understood what I was saying when I started talking about YA books and the most recent releases!

It was absolutely fantastic and the most at home I have felt with a group of people. Everyone had similar interests even if they may have had different genres or sub genres and everyone was so amazingly welcoming. I finally got to meet the people who were on the other side of all of the amazing blogs I love! 

It was a fantastic week I will never forget filled with amazing people from the community I am so proud to be a part of. The literary bloggers community filled with amazing readers, writers and publishers who come together to make magic happen.

^ P.S. Chocolate fondue rocks!!! ^ 
If you ever go to New York go to Max Brenner!
^BEA floor room^

 ^My two favorite bloggers/besties from Quill Cafe!^

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