Friday, July 20, 2012

New Premade Cover!

New premade cover 
added to the 
'covers for sale' tab!
$75 for this piece and implementing title/text/effects. <3
$150 to have it turned into a paperback cover (plus text/effects/etc.)

I had a lot of fun working on this one last night. I was watching this great new version of Peter Pan from Europe that had a really interesting twist on the series of events and back stories and found myself inspired. So while I was supposed to be taking a break after working on covers most of the day I did another one instead :-p
What do you think? 
Do you want to take a trip to Neverland?

I was asked it my images can be posted on Facebook, Pinterest or other online location. While I would ask that you respect that I leave my images on my website un-watermarked so that they can be viewed as they would be used - here is a version of this piece that has the text added so that it can be pinned or shared. <3

Thank you as always to all my readers!


  1. That looks brilliant. If I saw a book with that cover, I'd definitely pick it up for a closer looks...given that the title wasn't rubbish.

  2. Lol. Now I keep thinking about all sorts of terrible titles. lmao. Could you imagine your favorite cover then place the title you think would be an absolute nightmare over it? What would yours be?

  3. That cover is awesome! It totally sucks you in! I have to agree with Keri-- with the right title it would be hard to pass it over!