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Cover Art Extravaganza - Interview with Frankie Rose

Sovereign Hope
by Frankie Rose 
Interview with the author

Just for fun, What is the worst possible cover concept you could imagine for your novel?

Oooh. Worst concept... Well, I think it would be pretty terrible if my main characters were half naked for a start. A ripped dude is all well and good, but not totally shirtless, fake tanned and lubed up. Kinda grosses me out. On top of that, I think it would be pretty crappy to have something generic or trend-following. I know a lot of books out there at the moment at very much in the same vein, regardless of whether it's relevant to the book. I wouldn't have Farley hanging out on the cover riding a white stallion just because it looked pretty.

What do you feel is the scene in your novel with the most imagery?

There are two scenes I'd like to think were pretty equal on the imagery front. The first would be when Farley and Daniel travel to see Aldan and they find themselves in a completely different setting to the rest of the book. There's a lot of darkness in Sovereign Hope, so it's kind of neat when they go somewhere that's beautiful and open. Also, I think the scene where they return to where Daniel originally comes from is pretty cool. I don't want to give anything away with that, so I'll just say that that scene was really fun to write, because it was a completely alien environment for Farley, and there was no way she would have ever imagined getting to go there.

Did you have any cover art or publishing fears? Which fear was worst?

I had tons. I was up nights worrying about both in all honesty. The publishing fear was/is worse, I think, because that is totally out of my control. There are so many variables, so many things to worry about. I can only do so much with regards to making wise decisions for marketing, publicising, editing etc, but then beyond that a lot of it is down to the personal taste of the reader, too. You can't please everybody. You can only aim to please most of them.

It's easier with a cover, because once you've made a decision to go with an artist (having made sure they're awesome first off!) then you can discuss what you envisage and work together until they've created something that really reflects the tone and feeling of the book.

Out of the books on your shelf or your wish list which has your favorite cover?

I have to say I love the covers for Holly Black's Curse Workers series. All three of them are pretty cool!

Last but not least, after going through the cover art process yourself from the author's point of view, what would you suggest to other authors who are facing their own cover art process or facing their own publishing fears?

Know what you want! This will make both processes much easier for you. If you really reflect on the mood of the book and are able to describe that in fine detail to a cover artist, it's going to enable them to go away and produce something that's going to blow your mind.

With the publishing side of things, know what your expectations are before making any decisions. Know what all of your options entail before considering them in depth. Give yourself the best opportunity to make informed, and therefore wise decisions.

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