Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cover Art Extravaganza - Interview with Michael Loring

By Michael Loring

Interview with the author

Just for fun, What is the worst possible cover concept you could imagine for your novel?

    Pretty much anything that has an actual wolf on it. The thing with Dehumanized is that the werewolf is a big, half-man half-beast. When writing out how the werewolf looked I pictured something similar to the British Being Human werewolf. I feared that with an actual wolf the reader wouldn't be able to picture the actual werewolf correctly as they'll be expecting what's on the cover. 
    What do you feel is the scene in your novel with the most imagery?
Oh man...a tough question to answer. Well, if I had to choose, I'd say the scene when they're all in the Graveyard at the end. I feel that scene is really intense and it was one of those moments when I could picture it so clearly in my head.
    Did you have any cover art or publishing fears? Which fear was worst?
    Asking me if I had any fears is like asking if water is wet. Of course I did! The second I sent out my first submission my anxiety had been through the roof constantly. My biggest fear was that I'd sign with someone who would take away all control. Since this is my first book and I'm not too familiar with the process or anything I was afraid I'd naively hand my book over to someone who would exclude me from just about everything. 
    Out of the books on your shelf or your wish list which has your favorite cover? 
Easy. Double Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. The two bloody knives with the reflection of Dexter in one and his copy-cat in the other? Gives me chills!

    Last but not least, after going through the cover art process yourself from the author's point of view, what would you suggest to other authors who are facing their own cover art process or facing their own publishing fears?
    I feel in the end it all comes down to who you are working with. These processes could be horrible or terrific, and what decides that is the people helping you through them. I was lucky enough to have Emma  and Mike (Editor and Marketing official with Bokheim Publishing) on my side to deal with my pestering and fretting. My advice really is just be certain you want to work with whoever wants to publish you.

Bokheim Publishing is currently getting ready for the release and accepting requests for e-arcs! If you are interested in reviewing Dehumanized send an e-mail to Marketing@Bokheim.com with your name, e-mail and blog link!

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