Tuesday, March 6, 2012

So to get back on the personal blog band-wagon since I seem to have fallen off of it while working on getting TWV up and running, I decided to start out simple with a five random facts about me post. I am writing this from my new iPad using the blogger app so please excuse any spelling errors. Hopefully there won't be anything on this list that ends up being "I hate autocorrect" site worthy. :-p

1. I believe in expressing yourself in any positive way anytime you want so I tend to randomly dance around like a total nutter even if there is no music playing. (My chihuahua tends to join in.)

2. I write on everything. When I was in school I was constantly getting in trouble for writing, painting or doing henna on my arms even though I would never get a tattoo unless my life depended on it. If I get a new pen then everything from napkins, paper towels and notebooks to mugs and bills are at risk of being completely covered with writing within minutes. Luckily, I just got an iPad and have been keeping it with me constantly so now I have much less risk of ink poisoning and don't constantly have ink or lead on the sides of my palms.

3. I Love animals and children. I used to babysit just so that I could have a blast playing with kids. When you are playing with a child who has a paper bag and sees it as a fortress, suddenly you start to feel your own imagination run wild and they never hold back so it pushes the boundaries you have set for yourself as an adult.
(Spoiler: My next series involves owls.)

4. I draw inspiration from really random objects or things going on in my life like sea shells, feathers or a moment when gardening when you look up and realize that time has gotten away from you and the sun is going down.

5. If I am reading a really good book I don't put it down until I finish it. I just can't handle the suspense of waiting to read on. I have to know what happens or I won't be able to sleep.

So there you have it! Hopefully having this app so that I can write my posts on the go will help! Much love and wishing each of you a wonderful day!

Emma Michaels


  1. Congrats on getting the iPad! I hope it benefits you well.

    1. Thank you Keri <3
      So far it is wonderful! I have been doing tons of art on it. Even two Doctor Who fan art pieces! :p

    2. I want to see! Why do you never seem to be online?