Thursday, July 21, 2011

Book Trailer Thursday: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Here comes Book Trailer Thursday!

Every Thursday we (all who wish to join and the wonderful host welcome everyone to join us in celebrating the awesomeness that is book trailers.

To participate, on a Thursday you post an entry in your blog with an embedded book trailer of your choice (note: the trailer can be fan made but please no movie trailers of book adaptations) with your thoughts and comments underneath. It can be a book you have read, want to read or have never even come across before.

My book trailer for this week is...

Best trailer I have seen to date. My fiance found it the other day and showed me and I LOVE it. The old styled photos are fantastic, the story idea is wonderful and I loved the way that it started because it reminded me of classic movies and books that I have loved for years. For instance, the beginning of the Princess Bride movie. It made me wonder if the man may have been one of the children who survived or who in some way was related to the actual story. It just peeked my interest. I didn't like the way that they didn't really show the authors name, especially since the quote from John Greene almost made you think he was the author if you weren't paying enough attention to realize it was a quote but overall, best trailer I have ever seen! Probably also the most creative!


  1. This is an AMAZING book trailer! It really has that story book tug. The trailer is very cinematic and the acting is fantastic.

    I do agree that it's a little frustrating that it doesn't show the name of the author but this trailer is enough to have me looking into the book.

    My only question is if this is a horror book? I'm not prone to horror but my intrigue is still peaked.

  2. I like this trailer too, but it seemed kind of scary to me.