Friday, January 8, 2010


Yes!!!! I finally got all my blog layouts just the way I want them. Some of you may have noticed I changed each about 4 or 5 times yesterday but today I finally found the ones I will stick with for now. I wanted something that looked nice but was still a bit more my kind of thing that what I had before and I LOVE THEM! Hope you all love the makeover as much as I do! I really enjoyed writing the review of 'Once a Witch' so I do plan to do more reviews when I finish my library books and have the time. (As in when I stop pouting over that 'Once a Witch' ended and there isn't a squeal yet so I have to have patience.) What is this thing called patience and why am I always forced to use it? Anyways, missing everyone and hope that you all are enjoying the cooler weather!


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  1. I like it for it is both charming and tasteful.
    Every happiness to you in 2010.
    Warm regards,