Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti and Reviews

As many of you know, the number of individuals who have died due to the Haiti earthquake has climbed to over one hundred thousand and they think there are still injured individuals yet to be found. I urge you to spread the word that there are ways that you can help as well as that there are a large number of scam artists using this tragedy to their advantage. More and more of them have been found so please before you donate double check the organization and their legitimacy. One Agent whose blogs I read is Nathan Bransford. His post: shows some of the ways that you can help. It can even be as simple as text messaging. I ask you to go check out his blog. Even if you are not sure, just see how simple it can be to help and hopefully it will change your mind. I will be saying a special prayer tonight for them and I hope you will too, not matter what religion or way you worship I hope that tonight you will say a prayer, light a candle or just keep them in your thoughts.


P.S.- I have been writing up some novel reviews of my old favorites that I will post and was wondering what you all think about adding some extra information. I have already decided that for the reviews where this information is able to be found I will be adding Author websites and even other covers the book has had because those are things I enjoy seeing but I was wondering what else you all might like to see. Feel free to comment if you find another way to support Haiti or if you have something else you might like to see in a review.

UPDATE: I have also found a list on a blog that I follow of ways to help. Hope this can help you all! This is a wonderful blog!

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