Thursday, January 14, 2010

Big Blog Day!

Wow. Today is a big blogging day for me. So... I have been planning for a while to post some informational blogs every once in a while that can help people when they get into a book bind. After seeing the Nathan Bransford competition I have decided there is no better day to start than today. These will be information blogs that have to do with novels only! I will not go out on strange and random tangents... I think. I plan to write some on mending book covers, ways to protect your book and more. Later today I will be posting my contest entry which is about rebinding books. This is a subject I think is worth writing about because not only is it useful but some people actually find it enjoyable and it means that you don't have to give up your favorite book just because it has aged in ways you might have preferred it hadn't. It is also helpful if you are a fashionista and LOVE getting to have things your way. By rebinding you can chose your cover and decorate it in any ways you want. You can put the cover image or any image you would like. Hope you all will enjoy but warning since I will be giving directions on how to do the binding yourself it may be a bit longer than normal.



  1. not sure if i got the right sight but im pretty sure this is u emma! its cheepy_chip from ichu! i miss u :( havnt spoke to u in forever please mail me on ichu next time ur on i really wanna talk to u again. sorry if this is the wrong person. but if it is as soon as u read this get on ichu and let me kno :( i went all outta my way to find this page and im almost POSSITIVE tht ive got the right person....took me like an hour to find.. also sorry for posting it here cant find any mailing options......

  2. Hello, Emma. Thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog. Sending you bright wishes. x