Friday, December 18, 2009


Due to a high quantity of questions regarding what I want this Christmas/ Holiday Season/ Birthday. I have decided to make a wish list that will be updated as I either get the books as presents in which case I will write a full review of the novel or my library actually gets these novels, in which case I will order them. Love you all and here is a question for you! Yes, I realize many of you did not make accounts and are keeping up through favs bars so feel free to answer to my e-mail. For my new photo (still haven't taken it yet) would you like me to post multiple options and you get to choose?


If only some of you want me to choose then feel free to message that you would like to be excluded or included. Will simply be posting it here. If you are on my hotmail account mailing group for family or my hotmail account mailing group for friends I can also just do it through e-mail. Love you all!!!!


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